Facebook turns black and white on May 2 in solidarity with Odessa, Ukraine

The clock has just passed into May 2 and we give you three pictures or avatars you can use on Facebook or social media to show your solidarity with Odessa.

Use one of these as your profile picture on Facebook or other social media to show your solidarity with Odessa. Click on the picture to download it in order to use it as your profile picture on social media.


Remember Odessa 2 May


Odessa 2 May


Remember Odessa


Posters you can use to show solidarity with Odessa – from Odessa Solidarity Campaign

The international call for solidarity with Odessa is initiated by Odessa Solidarity Campaign och Prague Spring 2 – Network against right wing extremism and populism.

We want to emphasize that any kind of action in solidarity with Odessa on May 2 or during whole May would be welcome; a rally, march, public meeting, vigil – or even just one or a few people standing on a busy street corner with signs or even just taking a photo with a red carnation flower and a well-know view. The idea is to have something, no matter how modest, happening in as many cities and villages around the world as possible.

Odessa Solidarity Campaign has produced five posters you can download and print out on 11″ x 17″ (or equivalent) paper or cardstock.

NOTE! Odessians also encourage you to choose one poster and use it as a temporary profile picture on Facebook and on other social media. 


Click here to view and download or click on the links below to view the posters.



Justice for the Victims of May 2, 2014!

May 2: International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa!

We stand with the people of Odessa, Ukraine!

Stop the repression against relatives & journalists in Odessa!

We demand an international investigation into the massacre of May 2, 2014, in Odessa!


Remember that at the memorials in Odessa, people carry flowers and release black balloons into the air. Carrying flowers and releasing black balloons would be seen as acts of solidarity.

It would also be helpful to carry a sign about Odessa in a during any gathering you attend during May – anything to bring attention to the massacre and the current situation in Odessa.

Finally, please take a photo of your action and send it to aktivisterforfred@gmail,com and we will post the photos on our blog The World in Solidarity with Odessa so that everyone including Odessa can see your message to the world.

Don’t forget to include:

  • the place where the action took place;
  • the name of the organization or organizations sponsoring the action (optional);
  • the name of the photographer, for credit for taking the photo (optional).

In solidarity