Updates as May, 2 is approaching

May, 2 is approaching.

The list with planned larger manifestations is updated. It contains info about, to us, known larger manifestations in solidarity with Odessa. There will be solidarity manifestations in at least 21 places in 14 counties.

Regardless of where in the world you are, you can also participate by getting hold on a red carnation flower and take a photo of it with a more or less well known view visable inte the background.

Tell where the photo is shot and send it to us by following the information here. The page will before May, 2 be updated with information on how to make an anonymous contribution.

If you, for some reason, cannot get a hold on a real flower (red carnation) alternative solutions are presented available. There you can, for instance, find some pictures of carnation flowers. These are free for anyone to use in solidarity with Odessa and for Peace in Europe.

Don’t forget that every photo counts.

Your solidarity action means a lot to the people of Odessa in their struggle for justice.

It will also help in their appeal to the United Nations for an independent investigation of the massacre which took place in Odessa May 2, 2014. Four years later none of the perpetrators has been brought to justice – while victims who survived the fire still languish in prison, many without ever being charged with a crime.

Show your solidarity.

Also spread the Call for Action, which to date is translated into 8 languages, all over the world.


Call for Action: The World in Solidarity with Odessa

Peace in Europe!
Solidarity with the victims of the Odessa Massacre!

Current translations of the call for action are published in alphabetical order.

Français (French)
Deutsch (German)
Русский язык (Russian)
Srpski (Serbian)
Español (Spanish)
Svenska (Swedish)
Українська мова (Ukrainian)

It’s also possible to download a PDF in each language. Read more here.


Poziv na akciju: Svet solidarnosti sa Odesom

Pozivamo svakog da ucestvuje

Ovu akciju lako moze da izvede pojedinac, ili vise osoba


Crveni karanfili na prozoru iznad velike grupe ljudi. Fotografija je napravljena u zgradi Doma Sindikata u kojoj je izvrsen Masakr u Odesi. Fotografija je napravljena 9 maja 2014, dana kad je zgrada otvorena posle tragedije, pa su ljudi polaganjem cveca dosli da odaju pocast zrtvama. 

Preziveli i rodbina tada 42 poznatih zrtava Masakra u Odesi 2 maja 2014 su maltretirani i progonjeni.

Komemoracije u znak secanja na masakr su sve do danas bile odrzavane u Odesi i u Svetu. Cetvrti madjunarodni memorijalni dan na zalost nije moguce organizovati u samoj Odesi ali su komemoracije planirane u Austriji, Ceskoj, Svedskoj i Sjedinjenim Americkim Drzavama.

Zato pozivamo svakog da ucestvuje.


Primer kako mazete pokozati solidarnost sa Odesom. Ova fotografija je napravljena u Stockholmu (Svedska). Fotografija je napravljena 22 aprila 2018.
Foto: Aktivister för fred (Aktivisti za Mir)

Da biste pokazali solidarnost i pokazali zelju za mirom u Evropi, postavite crvene karanfile i napravite fotografiju poznate gradjevine ili prostora u pozadini. Takodje upisite tekst ”Odesa 2 maj 2014” ili ”Ne zaboravimo Odesu” ili ”Mir u Evropi!” –  Solidarnost sa zrtvama u Masakru u Odesi. Crni baloni koji su i ranije koristeni pri komemoracijama mogu takodje da budu ukljuceni u fotografiju.

Manifestacija Solidarnosti sakuplja fotografije i informacije u toku celog meseca maja na adresi:


Jos jedan primer kako mozes da pokazes svoju solidarnost sa Odesom. Ovo je fotografija iz SAD napravljena 25 aprila 2018.
Foto: Anna R

Oznaci svoj doprinos slanjem poruke na stranicu Facebook-a, posalji kao komentar na blog ili posalji e-mail na adresu: aktivisterforfred@gmail.com  Napisi i na kom je mestu fotografija napravljena.

Imajuci u vidu da pretnje i maltretiranja mogu da se dese i van Odese, razumemo i ako zelite da nastupite anonomno.

Vise informacija o tome kako da doprinesete desavanju a ostanete anonimni naci cete na stranici Facebook-a i blogu. Tu cete naci i informacije u slucaju da ne mozete da nabavite prave karanfile.

Sa iscekivanjem cekamo fotografije koje ce da pokazu Svet solidarnosti.

Prasko Prolece 2 – Mreza protiv desnicarskog ekstremizma i populizma

PDF in Serbian


Call for action: The World in Solidarity with Odessa

Peace in Europe!
Solidarity with the victims of the Odessa Massacre!

Translations of the call for action are published in alphabetical order.

English – Also published in this post
Français (French)
Deutsch (German)
Русский язык (Russian)
Srpski (Serbian)
Español (Spanish)
Svenska (Swedish) – Also published in this post
Українська мова (Ukrainian) – Also published in this post

It’s also possible to download a PDF in each language:

PDF in English
PDF in German
PDF in French
PDF in Russian
PDF in Serbian
PDF in Spanish
PDF in Swedish
PDF in Ukrainian

If you want to offer your help with translations, please send an e-mail to aktivisterforfred@gmail.com

Call for action: The World in Solidarity with Odessa

We invite everyone to participate.

This important action can easily be carried out by one person, two or more.


Red carnation flowers in a window who show a huge crowd outside the building. The photo is taken from inside the trade union building where the Odessa Massacre took place. It’s taken May, 9 2014 when the building was opened after the tragedy and people came to the place to honor the victims by laying down flowers. 

Survivors and relatives to the 42 victims of the Odessa Massacre May 2, 2014 are harassed and persecuted. Earlier events have been organised both in Odessa and internationally on the memorial day of the massacre. For the fourth memorial day it is unfortunately not possible to organise an international action on place, but events are planned in, for instance; Austria, Czechia, Sweden and the United States.

We also invite everyone to participate.


An example of how you can show your solidarity with Odessa. This photo is från Stockholm, Sweden. The photo is shot April, 22 2018.
Photo by Aktivister för fred

To show your solidarity and desire for peace in Europe, use a red carnation flower and take a photo of it with a more or less well-known view in the background. You can include a text such as ”Odessa 2014-05-02”, ”Remember Odessa” or ”Peace in Europe! – Solidarity with the victims of the Odessa Massacre”. Since black balloons also have been used for this memorial day, it may be included in the picture.

The Solidarity Manifestation gathers photos and information throughout the month of May on:

Submit your contribution by sending a message to the fb-page, commenting on the blog or by e-mailing it directly to aktivisterforfred@gmail.com. Write from where the photo is.


Another example of how you can show your solidarity with Odessa. This photo is from New York, the United States. The photo is shot April, 25 2018.
Photo by Anna R

Given that there are harassments and threats also outside of Odessa, we see that it is important that anyone can attend anonymously. More information about how to make an anonymous contribution is to be found on the Facebook-page and the blog. There, you can also find alternatives if you cannot get a hold on a real flower.

We look forward to many photos that together showcase the whole world in solidarity.

Prague Spring 2 – Network against right wing extremism and populism

PDF in English


Upprop: Världen i solidaritet med Odessa

PDF in Swedish


 Заклик до дії: Всесвітня солідарність з Одеси

PDF in Ukrainan