Kit for activists

Updates will be published during whole May.

First; if you have local texts and posters you want to distribute, send an e-mail to aktivisterforfred@gmail,com and we will publish them. Thereby others in both your country and in the whole world can use them in order to show solidarity with Odessa and appeal for peace in Europe. It will also raise awareness of the tragic massacre that took place on May, 2 2014 in Odessa, Ukraine and help out in a demand justice.

Alternatives for a real flower (a red carnation) might be to draw one. Otherwise you might search for pictures online to print out. We also publish some pictures with carnation flowers for anyone to use.

Some suggestions for slogans to use are:

  • Solidarity with Odessa 
  • Remember Odessa (In Russian: Помни Одессу, In Ukrainan: Пам’ятайте Одесу)
  • World Peace! (In Russian:Мир во всём мире!, In Ukrainian: Мир у всьому світі!
  • Peace in Europe! (In Russian: Мир в Европе!, In Ukrainian: Мир у Європі!)
  • Odessa 2014-05-02 (2014-05-02 is the date of the Odessa massacre. In Russian: Одесса 02-05-2014, In Ukrainian:  Одеса 2014-05-02)
  • Odessa, we are with you!
  • We stand with the people of Odessa, Ukraine! or I stand with the people of Odessa, Ukraine!
  • Justice for Odessa!
  • Justice for the victims of the Odessa massacre!
  • Stop the repression of relatives and journalists in Odessa!
  • We demand an international investigation into the massacre on May 2, 2014, in Odessa!
  • May 2, International Day of Solidarity with the People of Odessa!

Some of the slogans are translated to Russian and Ukrainian. In Odessa, Russian is widely used so it is suitable to use Russian, but you might also use Ukrainian or translate the slogans into your own language.

Be creative.

This post contains some pictures and more till be added during the whole of May.
If you have a picture to share, leave a comment below or send it to us.

This post contains pictures categorized under the following categories:

For coloring (black and white to be printed out and colored by you)
In color (colored pictures to be printed out)
Flag of Odessa

For coloring

Click on the picture to open the photo as a PDF or right-click on it to download as a picture.

Red carnation by Aktivister för fred (Activists for peace)

Red carnation by Aktivister för fred (Activists for peace)Carnation1

In color

Right-clock on the picture to download it. 



Flag of Odessa

Odessa, the hero city, has their own flag. It might be included in your photo. This flag is public domain, i.e. free to use.




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